Interactive Local Plan

The current Local Plan runs for the period April 1991 to March 2006. It was adopted in June 1997.

The Plan consists of a Written Statement and a Proposals Map. The Written Statement presents the Council's plans for the Borough as a set of formal statements referred to as policies. The policies are numbered. When a policy applies to only part of the Borough the area covered by the policy is marked on the Proposals Map.

In the intervening years many proposals have been implemented, e.g. Wellington Square Shopping Centre, numerous housing developments and prestigious business parks at Teesdale.

View the Written Statement.

View the interactive Proposals Map. If you have not used the map before consider using the Guided Tour

The Written Statement can also be downloaded.

Disclaimer: whilst every effort has been made to ensure that this electronic version of the Local Plan is accurate the paper copy held at Planning Reception, Gloucster House, Church Road, Stockton remains the definitive version. To view a paper copy of the Local Plan visit Planning Reception or one of the Borough Libraries.